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A new peer-to-peer leadership network

New innovation leadership roles are rapidly emerging at higher education institutions globally and are seen as critical for driving and sustaining student-centered innovation systemically. If this is your role? Then you are on new ground, you are a "network leader" for academic innovation and change at your institution...and now you can be apart of a wider network of your peers.

Who are your peers? What are they focused on? Are they making an impact?

Ever wonder who else is leading academic innovation?  What they're working on? What are their successes? How are they funded and staffed? What innovative technology and services are they recommending? Where do they meet? What are they reading? Where can you get Professional Development - Change Management on scale?

The Leading Academic Innovation Network

 Why a Network? The idea for this network was first conceived by the Executive Director, Dr. MJ Bishop, of the University System of Maryland, Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation and the participants of the 2014 Inaugural Leading Academic Change Summit funded through a grant lead by Anne Keough Keehn, Senior Fellow for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The LAIN is not an association and its design is to be a peer-to- peer network and a peer-to-partner network. Scaling student-centered innovation and having systemic impact to improve higher education for both students and faculty takes leadership and partners - public and private. Join us in creating a powerful leadership network for you! Let us know who you are and what your  leadership needs are...


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